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Benchmarking Document
This document is provided as a tool to help the user understand the range of percent performance scores generated by the ESII Tool.  This document will grow over time, as more users apply the ESII Tool and provide map unit photos and examples of the outputs generated for those map units.  This document is provided for reference only.

Alternatives Analysis - Typical Map Units
This information is provided to help you estimate data inputs for design alternatives or hypotheticals.  Ideally, you should use existing baseline data sources, such as nearby reference sites, to estimate what the future condition data will be. However, if reference sites or similar existing data are not available, you can use the information in these tables to help you complete your alternatives analysis.  The responses shown for each habitat type listed below are considered average - or "typical" - responses for each habitat type.  The scores you get from the ESII Tool are very much tied to the accuracy of your inputs, so if you use the information below, please understand that you are genericizing the analysis and potentially creating erroneous results.  For anything more than establishing a "ballpark" outcome, we encourage you to either research the actual inputs expected by going out in the field, performing on-line research, or reaching out to us at for design consultation services.