Start Collecting Site Data Today

The ESII Field App can be used by people of any skill level, from experts to people with limited ecological background and training, to collect site-specific data. 

Install the app and start identifying nature on your sites today. Works with iOS.


Our Quick Start Guides include all the information to get you up and running. 

Are you outside of the iTunes distribution territory for the ESII Field App? If so, please contact us.




Map the Habitats and Features on Your Site

The ESII App lets you map the various habitats and developed areas on your site, creating or editing map unit boundaries as necessary to reflect actual site conditions.



Collect Ecological Data for the Area You Map

The ESII App guides you through a data collection survey for the habitat type, vegetation attributes, and surface conditions you encounter. 




Access Help Information for Questions

A Help icon with detailed explanations for each question means non-ecologists can easily collect data using the ESII App.

The explanations can also be accessed here:

No iPad? 
No problem.  Download and print a paper version of the datasheet and reference guide. The responses can then be input directly into the ESII Project Workspace.  



Interact with the ESII Project Workspace

Interact with the ESII Project Workspace