ESII Tool End user license agreement

Prior to entering the Project Workspace, please read this End User License Agreement carefully. By using the ESII Project Workspace and the ESII Field App, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Advisory:  Recent modifications associated with iOS10 have created areas of incompatibility with the ESII Field App.  We are working to resolve those issues. If you are using iOS10 and run into problems, please report them to   Thank you for your patience and assistance.


The ESII Tool is simple to use once you have learned how to use it. However, first time users will need assistance in order to use the tool correctly and successfully.  Please contact us at for free assistance while we develop online training materials.

End User License Agreement *
Per the European Union GDPR, we are required to ask that any users of the ESII Tool who are under the age of 16, and located in the EU, certify that they have received consent from their parent or legal guardian to submit the necessary personal information to create an ESII Tool account.

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