Personalized Support/Services

Additional support is offered to ESII users for a modest fee as part of an advanced licensing agreement. Please contact us if you are interested in:

  • Detailed training or personalized training programs
  • Additional hours of support (or increased number of support recipients per organization)
  • Assistance setting up site analysis packages
  • Advanced analysis support
    • Data verification and QA/QC
    • Alternatives analysis design
    • Results interpretation and presentation assistance
  • Model customization or expansion

Free Support

This version of the ESII Tool is publicly available for free and the licensing agreement comes with the following free support services:

  • Free training video (pending)
  • 1 hour of free technical support per month, per user – limit 3 users per organization (click here)
  • Regularly scheduled webinars – specific topics requested by users (pending)
  • Issue reporting and bug fixes (click here)



Frequently Asked Questions

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