Welcome, Early Adopters!

We are thrilled to be launching the ESII Tool!  The tool is fully functional and open to all while we continue to fiddle under the hood.  Please share your feedback with us directly at support@esiitool.com.

Work with your site data to generate results.

The ESII Project Workspace runs your field data through robust ecological models to generate results so you can understand better how nature is performing at your sites.



The ESII Tool can support multiple activities in your organization:

  • Create an inventory of natural assets
  • Assist with restoration projects
  • Conduct land use evaluations and alternatives assessments (for operations, site expansion, etc.)
  • Compare green vs. gray infrastructure
  • Scope environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Support dialogue and engagement with local communities

Set up Sites. Review Data. Inform Multiple Decisions.

In a web browser, the Project Workspace allows you to input specific information about your sites so that you’re ready to download base maps and collect field data using the ESII Field App. Once you've collected your field data, it is processed through ecological models and results are generated in the format that works best for you.


Each question in the ESII Field App has a Help icon with detailed explanations. Access that same information here while answering the survey questions in the ESII Project Workspace:

Go Farther with ESII’s Ecological Models

The ESII Tool is based on robust models for ecosystem functions and services.



Meet the ESII Field App

Meet the ESII Field App

The link below provides site level resources for ESII Projects that may occur in Semarang City, Indonesia, or Semarang Regency, Indonesia.