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What is the relative elevation of the map unit? That is, is it higher or lower than surrounding map units?  
Some map units may be both higher and lower (e.g., hill slopes or stream banks).





What is the degree of screening provided by foliage within the map unit? Assume this is being estimated at a time when leaves are present.
Visual masking/screening or obstruction can be provided by vegetation/foliage.  Foliage density can be assessed by one surveyor standing close to any edge of the map unit, facing into the map unit.  This is easiest if a second surveyor then walks away from the first surveyor, toward the interior of the map unit. Once the surveyor is no longer visible, the distance is recorded. Distance may be estimated in the absence of a second surveyor.

Surveyor not obscured regardless of distance. Surveyor is not visible at 30 yards away.
Surveyor is not visible at 15 yards away. Surveyor is not visible at 5 yards away.